A rare glimpse of strange monsters lurking beneath the waters in the Lake District have been captured on camera for the first time.

Photographer Jason Chambers is building up a portfolio of these floppy mouthed, web footed creatures swimming freely in the river in Borrowdale.

Never before have people seen these fascinating animals from beneath the surface.

What do you mean you think they look like dogs?  Oh alright then. They are dogs. Family pets like you have never seen them before!

So, for all the days you have stood at the side of a river, or a lake or the sea, throwing sticks into the water and wondering just how long your dog can possibly want to play for, here’s the answer. Jason’s photos show you what joy the dogs are getting from their diving adventures.

And diving adventures is how all this started.

Jason Chambers is best known for stunning portraits of people, of wonderful wedding images and creative commercial shoots. But his heart lies underwater and he has always loved diving and taking photos in the sea.

“I am a keen underwater photographer which usually involves diving and capturing everything from tiny microscopic creatures to whales and sharks in the oceans.

“But, I have always loved dogs, I was brought up with them and I have a chocolate labrador called Yogi. One day I just thought, I have all the underwater photography gear, I should try to take photos of dogs swimming in the lakes.

“It’s amazing what you capture underwater – when a dog dives for a ball with its gums and teeth exposed, they look completely different to when they are on dry land. It’s quite quirky, the strange facial expressions they pull and their paws look like big webbed feet.

“The photos work wherever there is good clarity of water. Borrowdale is a good place for clean water. Obviously I have to get underwater to take the photos wearing a wetsuit and a mask, which must look odd to passers by!

“I like to get to know the dogs a little bit before taking any photos because it helps them trust me. The owners play a big part in the shoot working well because they know their pet the best and sometimes they get in the water too!

“It all started with Yogi, I was amazed to see him standing on his back legs to peer into the water and then spots the stick to fetch. He’s like a little snorkeler.

“I do dog portraits for owners in the studio and on location on the mountains and now I can offer seasonal underwater photography too.”

Check out more of Jason’s work at: www.photolakedistrict.co.uk

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